XXL Zone Radio

XXL Zone Radio is Mediiazone's branded online streaming radio and podcast platform broadcasting Caribbean news, lifestyle & entertainment 24/7. Broadcast Now!


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Radio Guidelines

Can't we all get along? No sexism, racism, homophobia of any kind.

No promotion of other channels, no slandering of other channels.

No posting of personal information, for example, phone numbers.

Bans are up to moderator discretion; harassing mods may lead to longer bans. Timeouts are auto set, don't message mods complaining about timeouts.

Any issues should be posted in Mediiazone Courtroom Forum through discord. Include your chat logs and the reason you were banned. If you were timed out, we ask that you sit through your timeout.

We aim to run professional websites and forums. If you disobey the rules, Mods are authorised to act...it's nothing personal!

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