Certain Members especially consistent Content Creators/Contributors qualify for VIP Membership. Ask us if you qualify.

Also: Presently, some countries will not qualify to receive benefits. Be sure to indicate country of residence when signing up.

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After your free trial, Mediiazone VIP is just $9.99/month. Cancel anytime. Annual plan also available for $99 a year.

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Additionally: If Existing Mediiazone Member with rank Forum Rank Super Member and above, You qualify automatically as a Mediiazone VIP Member.

Certain Sponsors also qualify automatically for Mediiazone VIP Ask us how!

With VIP, You Get!

1. Go Ad-Free

Enjoy Mediiazone's Daily Livestream uncut and Ad-free. The shows you get!

Support your favorite show and creator, plus enjoy exclusive giveaways, enhanced chat, while earning points and being handsomely decorated for being a loyal fan.
2. Access Riddims
Enjoy unfettered access to Mediiazone's exclusive Riddim database organised by year and riddim. No download limits.
Also, as a Mediiazone VIP, you get:
3. Ship n Save!
U$5 off your first package shipped to Jamaica using Shop, then choose Fehtch as your prefered Shipper and save! 
4. Access Major Events. 
Get Complimentary Tickets and access to major lifestyle and entertainment events made possible by Mediiazone's affiliate partner SIG Caribbean - a Ticketing, Event and Talent Management Company.
5. Cheap Calls.

As Mediiazone VIP Member, you get free acccess to a mobile dialler app to connect you with the world!

Call USA, Jamaica, UK (Landline), Canada for USD$0.026 cents per minute per second billing.